Products and services


To fully support a constantly evolving market, we have decided, over the years, to invest in the development of the mechanical design sector.

Today the design staff, thanks to 3D Solid Modeling Software Systems, is able to support the customer with:
— Project and assembly drawings;
– Exploded views and finite element calculations;
– Construction drawings;
– Feasibility studies, checks and tests.

Mechanical design is integrated with electrical, electronic, electromechanical and fluid dynamic engineering requirements.
Our Group designs and implements:
– Complete systems, both supporting structures and lifting devices,
– Automatisms,
– Complex assemblings of various kinds,
– Turnkey systems.

We provide in addition to the designs implemented, the related documentation of EC certification – Conformity with the 2006/42/EC Machinery Directive.


Our extensive experience in materials procurement enables us to complete the service offered to our customers with the supply of raw materials in the following typologies:

Forged steel:
– of various typologies and shapes, inclusive of all proper heat treatments;

– including mechanical test and non destructive testings

Casting and more specifically:
– Completion of the casting
– Definition of casting technique
– Realization of prototypes and pre-production samples linked to the casting

Stainless, pantographed and light alloy materials.

We provide the material Certification and we grant the handling process of traceability for all the typologies of materials supplied.


Pr Carpenteria was born as a company dealing with the processing and assembling of sheet metal, however the company, over the years, has expanded its business to other machinings to complete the activity of the Group.

The cutting and sheet preparation departments include:
– Automated laser cutting system with loading and unloading cell;
– Multifunctional punching machines; – Press-brakes department;
– Punching and shaping systems for medium production volumes

The strength of the department is the laser automation system, which gives us the opportunity to pre-manufacture, cut, carry the sheet metal parts and sort them according to their purchase orders. Using the software for production management (MRP), all the other phases of the sheet metal machining process can be easily integrated.

The production line of sheet metal cutting and forming can process sheet metal parts (both on large scale and small quantities).
The basic idea of the productive process is to combine flexibility and productivity, both of them essential requirements of the industrial sheet metal production. This connection is made possible by the modular structure of the CAM integrated systems and the MRP software, which connects all the phases of the productive process.


In addition to the cutting department, the company has an innovative 3D TUBE Laser system with 6500xØ220 working range – 30 mm max. workpiece thickness with automatic loading and unloading cell both for single profiles and beams.
The system can:
Cut ferrous materials, stainless materials and other alloys up to 30mm thickness, with the possibility to adjust beam/cutting parameters according to the material and its thickness.
The system is extremely flexible and fast, it ensures optimum cutting results and the execution of complex cutting profiles, as holes, slots, tilted and perpendicular cuts.
The 5-axis cutting accuracy allows to perform machinings that once were possible only using machine tools and to obtain products already suitable for the packaging phase in carpentry.
CAD/CAM integration system ensures multiple applications, including the automatic programming of cutting sequences in order to optimize the costs and the use of materials.
The automatic load/unload system allows to reduce machining times.

The installations, of various sizes and types, are delivered to the customers already tested and properly packed up, ready for shipment and accompanied by the certification of materials. Furthermore the company grants, over time, the management of the traceability of origin.


The machinings and the realization of medium-light and medium-heavy steel metal works are performed in a Department equipped with turning and milling Centres for the preparation of the Carpentries to be assembled.

Moreover the department is equipped with:
Working centres dedicated to the preparation of steel metal work in production, in order to facilitate and speed up the assembling phases
– Automated programmable self-learning robotic welding centres
Nr. 12 manual spot-welding stations for welding preparation and MIG/MAG/TIG semi-automatic welding stations.
– Qualified staff with relevant welding licences and qualified welding procedures.


As for the production the company and the Group are actually provided with:
– Horizontal milling and boring centres
– Horizontal milling centres
– Integrated 5-axis turning and milling centres
– Vertical turning and milling centre
– Horizontal multi-pallet milling centres
– Vertical multi-pallet milling centres
– CNC second position and bar lathes
The production is organized in an ‘intelligent way’ with a structure that works in a technological network able to establish a dialogue between the industrial production data and human resources organization. The dialogue ensures real-time transmission of machining data and information coming from all the components of the production system. The organization extends to the prototyping, the dimensional inspections during the production phase, the actual machining, the dimensional testings and the delivery to the customer.


The group has an almost 40-year experience in the manufacture of precision gears. The production covers different typologies of gears:
– gears with internal/external toothing,
– with straight or helicoidal teeth,
– realized with gear shaper or hobbing machine

Application sectors range from the realization of reduction gears for precision mechanics to the application for the energy sector, Oil & Gas and the machine tools industry sector.


The realization of the products is supported by a control department with certified personnel who performs:
– Dimensional testings with 3D measuring machine
– NDT Magnetic and dye penetrant testings
– Magnetic and ultrasonic tests
– Inspections for lifting devices and systems
– Functional testing and structural inspection


The search and development for new applications is a key point in the sector of construction of systems and mechanical automations. To propose themselves in the design and in the realization of customized turnkey systems, the companies of the Group, based on the customers’ needs, use complex technologies for the design and development of production processes, with a particular focus on the construction and procurement of components and materials.
Testing procedures, conformity and quality certifications complete the realization of the systems.


Flexibility is our strength: we are able to respond quickly and effectively to the specific needs of each sector and to offer complete and customized solutions with our industrial services.
The experience gained from this broad range of applications is transferred to the new industrial sectors, constantly developing personnel’s skills.

We provide services for industrial sectors as:
Oil & Gas: construction and assembly of components for actuators for valves, (hydraulic, pneumatic and electric), including valve adaptation system, Manifold, Top Drive Systems and Rotary tables for drilling systems. Furthermore we offer maintenance and inspection service for actuators and components for Manifold and Top Drive systems.
Systems: assembly of systems for the industry sector, from the chemical sector to the food sector.
Printing industry: manufacture of components and strategic parts of printing machines and finishing machines.
Mechanical industry: assembling of components and machinery parts, such as automated mechanical and hydraulic jaws, rollers for light and heavy loads
Nuclear sector: we manufacture components and systems for the demolition and disposing of the waste and for the decommissioning activity.


For various sectors which require structures of large dimensions and of considerable capacity, we have realized components and parts of systems:
Oil & Gas sector: mud tanks and dog houses for lifting systems.
Transport sector: carts for special transport of spools of marine cable and forklift trucks for intermodal transport.
Industrial machinery sector: parts of structures and stamping machines
Machine tool industry: complete groups ready for the in-line installation.

For example, as an integration of the range of assemblies we mention the following:
– Mobile lifting systems
– Mobile cranes
– Systems for the assembling of components on automatic paint line, automotive sector.

The systems, of various sizes and typologies, are delivered to the customers already tested and properly packed up, ready for shipment and accompanied by the certification of materials. Furthermore the company grants, over time, the management of the traceability of origin.


We collaborate with a very important company, at national and international level, for which we manufacture data transmission equipments for high-voltage lines or more specifically conveyed waves systems. We optimized the productive process with the construction of a system for the curvature of profiles which enables the realization of all the typologies of transmission coils and with the realization of a specific department for the manufacture and finishing of transmission systems.

The systems, of various sizes and typologies, are delivered to the customers already tested and properly packed up, ready for shipment and accompanied by the certification of materials. Furthermore the company grants, over time, the management of the traceability of origin.