Rebecchi Group areas of intervention

Three Companies to respond to specific requirements in every industrial field


Collaborations and supplies in the nuclear industry include the manufacturing of components and proof containers for radioactive waste (low and medium radioactivity).
Machinery, tools and equipment for the decommissioning phase.
Lifting devices and handling with conveyors and stairs.
Pressurized and unpressurized tanks with washing fluids.


In the energy industry, collaborations have been established for the design and manufacturing of lifting devices (certified for power stations) and also for sling bars and various type of equipment.


The automotive industry requires large-scale production of components, internal components for cabins and agricultural vehicles, with direct in-line free-pass production, sheared, moulded, robot welded and electro-welded components, and high precision mechanical machining.

Handling and Systems

Toyota Systems and electrical vehicles for handling materials in airports, stations and large factories.
Special forklifts for the handling of goods with non-standard weight and geometry.
Complete conveyors and conveyor belts with servicing systems.
Special components and servicing components for machine tools.

Oil & gas

For the Oil & Gas industry, we supply various types of components, complete with destructive and non-destructive testing, inspections, certificates for material and production process traceability.

Carpentry constructions

Carpentry constructions may vary from light to medium-heavy structural works and are intended for structural use (complete with surface finishing treatments) or already machined, in order to obtain a high degree of accuracy.

Packaging equipment

This sector requires a great variety of components, from the internal components of the machinery to the structures of the plants.
Usually the construction material is AISI 304 and AISI 316, but it may vary from Duplex to Superduplex.