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A revolutionary system for the conversion of hydro-kinetic energy into electrical energy.

Hykinetics is an axial turbine with an innovative conception which came up within the context of solution of small-scale energy problems, under particular conditions, that has the characteric to make more flexible and modular the exploitation of hydro-kinetic energy of different types of water courses.

Hykinetics is customizable, it can be made in sizes suitable to the environmental characteristics of the site and according to customers’ needs.

Energy from water courses with low energy content

- Energy production from flowing water

- It does not require any waterfalls and barriers

- It works on water speed, not on pressure

- It works using the principle of hydrodynamic bearing capacity

- The axis reacts according to water flow speed

- It regulates the water flow for an optimal functionality at constant energy

MINI HYDRO: The solution of a problem becomes innovation

The project in Mini Hydro version is inspired by the idea of producing energy to run the plants in high mountains, having at disposal only small water flows in remote areas,
and ensuring the safeguard of the natural environment and in respect of all the constraints.
The pursuit of problem resolution from a technological, scientific, engineering standpoint led us to develop a revolutionary concept of turbine based on miniaturisation, efficiency and flexibility of the traditional Hykinetics system.

Any environmental impact

- No visual impact on the environment

- No noise impact

- No structure in the river bed

- No permanent construction on the river banks

- It can be anchored at the banks of the river and can be easily removed

- It does not require any waterfalls or channelings

- It limits the production of CO2 emissions

- verified and certified productive process

- Made entirely from recyclable metals

Flexible, versatile, adaptable

- Self-starting

- Small size

- Modular (replicable in line)

- It adapts to the water flow

- It is simple to set up

- It is simple to remove